Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guess the Song!

The other morning I tapped a song on the breakfast table and asked the kids if they could guess what it was. They guessed it! I tried a couple more. Then, they each wanted to play a rhythm on the table for the rest of us to guess the song. It's difficult to do. From the perspective of an elementary music teacher, what a wonderful activity for developing inner hearing and rhythmic awareness/proficiency! I used to do this in the classroom regularly. A couple of pointers that I learned from Susan Kenney may be helpful here: Have the students avoid shouting out their guesses. Rather, they can raise their hands if they know. Then, at the end of the song, ask someone for their guess. Don't say they are right or not, but tap the rhythm again so that everyone can test whether that song fits the rhythm--practicing inner hearing. Then ask, "Did it fit?" This allows the students to make the call. Extensions on this type of activity include having the students tap the rhythm together as a group and playing the rhythm on percussion instruments.