Monday, September 30, 2013

Ocarina Lesson 2

Once they can play Hot Cross Buns, move on to other songs with C, D, and E. Be sure to let them play Hot Cross Buns for review, however. Have them Sing and Show and then have them play the song. Keep it light and fun. One rule that should always be followed, however, is that students may not play whenever they want. Don't budge on this one! If they play out-of-turn, kindly and promptly remind them not to. If you let it slip once, they will be more likely to play out-of-turn later; you are actually teaching them it is okay.

After Hot Cross Buns, have the students play the following:

Be sure to use the following four-step process:

  1. Sing the song lyrics. It helps if they know the song before they play it.
  2. Sing and Show. Sing the names of the notes while showing where the fingers go for each one.
  3. Play the tune.
  4. When the tune becomes easy, "jazz it up" (improvise). 
Take your cues from the students. Are they frustrated? If so, you're moving too fast. Are they bored? If so, you're moving too slow. Are some frustrated while others are bored? If so, that's the beauty of step 4 (above); encourage them to find their comfort level. You can also have some Sing and Show while others play.