Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Whether you follow Christopher Small or David Elliott--musicking or musicing--the idea (in my mind) is the same. Music is an action . . . not an object. In this blog I'm interested specifically in musicing by and with children. I believe that children become musical by musicing (vs. learning musical concepts). Anyway, that's how my four children have developed their musicality--by singing, playing instruments, and dancing at home informally and for enjoyment. Yes, fun and games!!! Too often in school, children are subjected to a music curriculum devoid of meaningful and joyful musicing and, so, they really don't learn much or develop musically. Plus, they don't sing individual songs enough times to really know them. If you're a music teacher, how many of the songs that you sing in class could individual students sing at home (the entire song)? How many of the songs that you sing in class would students WANT to sing at home . . . over and over. The other day, our oldest daughter, Sophie, who is in first grade came home singing, "Wake up you sleepy head and go and find the cattle", etc . . . over and over. And, she played a game along with it . . . by herself. Her teacher had given her a special gift, a memorable song. Thank you, Sophie's music teacher!

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