Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Sally Walker

In Comparative Methods of Elementary Music last night we came across some videos of children playing Little Sally Walker. Here they are:

Here's the older version that we did in class.

And the same (or similar version) with Bessie Jones

Regarding the first version which seems to be a sort of cheerleader version: We made up some hand signals to go with the melodic pattern in order to explore pitch. Clap hands above head on "so", hit the back of your hand with the other hand on "mi", and bump fists together on "do". The sequence of the first part is (with actions in bold).

Lit  tle  Sal  ly Walker, walkin' down the street. Didn't know what to do, so she   stopped in front of me.
so  so  mi  la  so  mi    so  so   mi    la    so      so      so       mi   la  so  mi  mi   so         fa  mi   re  do

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