Monday, February 4, 2013

Ocarina Man

I taught a workshop on teaching ocarina at the Utah Music Educators Association in St. George (Utah) this past weekend. It was a lot of fun and we had two sessions with 35 participants in each. We played through some of the tunes in this blog with the accompaniments that I have developed with Band-in-a-Box (I will be posting these soon). I'm planning to teach my son's fifth grade class how to play. I'll keep everyone posted about how it goes. My only complaint about the conference is the title assigned to my workshop: Ocarina Man! I didn't choose it and I've never aspired to be the Ocarina Man. Maybe it's "Ocarina, Man!" That would be cool.


  1. I attended this workshop and was very excited to share it with my music students. I purchased 30 Ocarinas and we've been working on fingerings for 2 weeks now. I would like to use the accompaniments you have created to add a fun element to my lessons but I am having difficulty getting them in a form I can use in my classroom. I teach music in a portable and have no internet access other than my phone which appears to be too slow to play the accompaniments without interruptions. Any suggestions?
    Thank you, Marilynn

    1. Hi Marilynn,
      Email me: I can send the accompaniments to you directly.


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