Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mirror Movement

A Music, Dance, and Math Idea for All Grades

Participants create and mirror slow movement along with slow music

·         Students mirror the teacher’s movements (without music). Make sure movements are slow enough so that everyone can follow.
·         Students take turns being the leader (without music).
·         The teacher demonstrates mirror movement with a partner.
·         Students practice mirror movement with a partner (possible group of three if there is an odd number of students). Switch leaders.
·         Add slow music. Encourage the students to avoid talking, to listen intently to the music, and to move slowly enough for their partner(s) to follow. Have the students change partners at an auditory signal (chimes, finger cymbals, triangle, etc.). The transition between leaders should be seamless enough that someone watching can’t tell who the leader is.
·         Give half the class an opportunity to watch the other half or for the entire class to watch one or two partnerships.
·         This activity is also rather beautiful and engaging when students hold props such as scarves or streamers.

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