Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ocean Rhythms

A Music and Math Lesson Idea for all Grades

Participants will apply the names of ocean creatures to musical rhythms in box notation.

Music—reading notation, creating
Math—patterns, fractions and percents

·         Drill the students on the following rhythm counting system. The rhythms should be spoken evenly so that they divide the beat accordingly:


Place the symbols in a 4 by 4 grid and say them. Keep the beat—one beat per box.

·         Start with simple rhythms and work up to the more difficult ones.
·         Eventually leave out the sound on “m”.
·         Clap the rhythm (each syllable) while saying the names.
·         Clap the rhythm (each syllable) while thinking the names (for “m” hands go out to sides).
·         Replace the clapping with other body percussion or instruments.
·         Perform the grid backwards, down each column, or in a round.
·         Have one group repeat a row over and over and then add other groups on other rows.
·         Figure fractions and percentages (How many barracudas are there?).
·         Expand in to much larger grids.
·         Divide into groups and create grooves using the grids.

Use the grooves to accompany spoken patterns such as times tables or songs-that-teach.
Change the rhythm names to reflect other habitats.

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